The majority of Britons are now in favor of the UK leaving the EU as Remainers increasingly turn their support to Brexit, according to a recent poll.

Up to 68 percent of those surveyed said they want to see Brexit take place, while a mere 22 percent said they want Prime Minister Theresa May’s government to ignore the result of the EU referendum of June last year.

The YouGov poll revealed that 23 percent of respondents – dubbed ‘Re-Leavers’ – voted to Remain, but now appreciate the majority of Britain’s population voted for the UK to leave. Like it or not, they want to see the government accommodate the people’s will.

“The rise of the ‘Re-Leavers’ mean that the Conservatives are fishing in a massive lake, while the other parties are casting their rods into a pond,” the company’s director of international projects, Marcus Roberts, said, according to the Telegraph.

“When discussing Brexit and its implications in the campaign the electorate is not two pools of voters split almost down the middle 52/48.

“It is instead one massive lake made up of Leave and Re-Leave voters and one much smaller Remain pond.”

A majority of 52 percent voted Leave in the referendum last year, against a 48 percent who voted to Remain.

The results come ahead of the general election, due to take place on June 8.

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