Kiev, Ukraine. The officials from the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine state that the Russian Federation is preparing an offensive from the Crimean Republic while continuing to building up its military presence in the peninsula. To be frank, Kiev sees little green men everytime they open their eyes.

The information comes at a time, where recent reports suggest that Donbass has permanently broken from Ukraine and in pursuit of ascension to Russian Federation membership. Recently, in Donetsk the Russian-Donbass integration committee met to lay out the plans for the membership process.

“The residents of the Crimea are disturbed by the dramatic build-up of Russia’s military presence in the annexed territory. According to experts, the nature of the weaponry on the peninsula suggests that Russia is not preparing for a defense but for a further offensive,” the Ukrainian State Border Guard service states.

According to NATO analysts, the militarization of the Crimea is a threat not only to Ukraine but also to all the countries in the Black Sea region. Others would disagree and point out that in 1993 NATO promised not to expand to the Russian Federation border.

“Russia has turned the peninsula into a powerful military base, and has built up a military presence on land and at sea. It periodically resorts to provocations and conducts active reconnaissance, including air surveillance,” said the head of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko.

According to Nazarenko, Ukrainian border guards continue to observe the flights of Russian Mi-8 helicopters and the active movement of the Russian Black Sea coast guard boats. In addition, Russian troops have resumed the use of drones to conduct surveillance of the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The information goes into the bigger picture as a resolution to the three year long stand off between Ukraine and it’s breakaway regions, who obviously have no intention to return to Kiev’s leadership, control or abuse.

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