Paris, France. The former head of French counterintelligence and the founder of the International Center for Research on Terrorism and Assistance to Victims of Terror acts Yves Bonnet said, that NATO intentionally feeds on the perception of Russia as a threat.

“I believe that NATO intentionally fuels the perception of Russia as a threat, this is very exaggerated. The North Atlantic alliance, like any organization, wants to continue to live, and the only reason for prolonging its existence is Russia, “Bonnet said.

According to him, he regrets that France, which left the NATO military organization in 1966, returned to the bloc in 2009.”I consider this a huge mistake: it was not necessary not only to return to NATO – the North Atlantic alliance should be disbanded,” Bonnet said.

The ex-head of intelligence criticized the actions of NATO in the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.
“I believe that today NATO is an organization not so much useful as it is dangerous. It is dangerous. It’s useless to worry Russians, it makes no sense to make you nervous, do not tease a Russian bear, “he added.


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