Washington, DC. After Lavrov’s meeting with President Trump, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister got a photo next to Trump via a lobbyist who paid $400,000 for the now famous photo. But at the end the take away was Trump told him,” You and Moscow should normalize relations.”

Following a meeting with US President Donald Trump on May 10, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Pavlo Klimkin, said that “there are very interesting ideas” but first they must be coordinated with all partners.Mainly because not everybody is going to like what Lavrov and Tillerson have planned for Kiev, when it comes to the Donbass conflict.

The Ukrainian dwarf minister Klimkin argues that the process of settling the situation in the Donbass, America is ready to exert pressure on Russia. “One of the main political signals is a real desire to up the pressure on Russia. There are very interesting ideas, but I can only speak about them later when we and all of our partners are in agreement. And all these will then have to be agreed with Germany and the newly elected president of France.”

If anything the Ukrainians are consistent in forecasting results, new and improved strategies and “shock and awe,” but in the three years of the crisis, Kiev has not been able to sustain one ceasefire or keep its word in the Minsk agreements it has signed.

According to Klimkin, the US has “levers of influence” that should be implemented jointly with the EU and other G-7 countries. “These could be real political signals. Of course, there are economic levers of influence and sanctions. This is just one example of what can be done further,” he stated continuing a tradition Klimkin has of mouthing a large number of words that have absolutely no significance or lasting importance to the subject of conversation.

Klimkin fantasizes that one of the “levers of influence” was “the strengthening of the international component in Donbas, the strengthening of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission,” and the creation of another mission that will “really” control the territory of the Donbass, but has no way of explaining how that will come to pass as Donbass-Russian integration is already underway.

Earlier, while commenting on the results of meetings with the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine, the US President said that he “recommended to Moscow and Kiev that they normalize relations.”

Experts in American foreign policy agree Trump views Klimkin as a helpless imbecile wandering the halls of power begging handouts for Kiev or constantly taking about imaginary Russian invasions and non-existent aggression by Moscow.

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