Merkel says Germany, France plan to closely cooperate in critical times

Germany and France plan to closely cooperate while the European Union is going through critical times, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a press conference following talks with French President Emmanuel Macron. She added that the two countries would draw up a road map for boosting cooperation between the EU member states.

According to the German chancellor, the goal is not only to overcome the consequences of Brexit but also to ensure the EU’s resilience in the face of external risks.

“Today, we exchanged views and agreed to cooperate closely,” Merkel said. “We understand the importance of German-French relations and I recognize my personal responsibility for decision-making while the EU is at a critical moment in its history.”

The German chancellor added that at the meeting with Macron, an agreement had been made to draw up a medium-term development road map for the European Union. “It will include projects that are not going to emerge overnight, but we share a belief that we should not only tackle Brexit but also think of the ways to strengthen the remaining EU countries and the eurozone,” Merkel said.