A team of 26 international lawyers from Serbia, Turkey, Russia, China, Britain, France and Italy from the Serbian Academy of Sciences and qualifications prepares a lawsuit against NATO in order to bring the NATO military to account for the use of ammunition with depleted uranium during the bombing of Serbia in 1999.

The dangers of depleted uranium are first discussed two years after the bombing. In Italy, an investigation was conducted into the death of Italian soldiers participating in the NATO war against Serbia, finding that at least seven of them died from diseases caused by irradiation with depleted uranium.

After the German Ministry of Defense acknowledged that in 2000 received a warning from the US about the dangers of toxic contamination when using ammunition with uranium, the matter was widely publicized.

In February 2017, the Italian press reported already about 340 Italians who died from uranium irradiation, at least 20 people a month. This is the latest data.

The Italian public organization “Military Observatory” (Ossevatorio militare), led by the former Italian pilot Domenico Ledgero, reports about 7,778 Italian soldiers who have serious health problems due to irradiation with depleted uranium. As a rule, these are cancers.

“Our soldiers continue to die, the cause of their death is denied, the list of victims is increasing day by day and will never end,” the Military Observatory said.

Recently in Italy, was presented the book of journalist Mary Talyazukka and Domenico Ledjero “Soldiers on Uranium” about the consequences of the use of ammunition with uranium, which is called a “silent killer”.

If the Serbs will manage to hold NATO accountable, it will be the collective responsibility of all members of the military bloc who took part in the aggression against Yugoslavia.

The number of Serbian citizens affected by NATO ammunition with depleted uranium is still unknown, as is the area of the contaminated territories. About the Serbs, who continue to die of cancer as a result of NATO bombing, the European media prefers not to cover.

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