New York, New York. In the crazy world of Americans there is a disorder for everything, can’t have sex? boom-erectile dysfunction. Get angry easily? You suffer from intermittent explosive disorder. And now-got a problem with Putin? You now suffer from POD-Putin Obsessive Disorder.

In this increasingly disorder label world, we don’t just suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS, we now also suffer from Putin Obsessive Disorder or POD. Russia is seen not just as a world power vying for influence, or as an adversary of the West, but as a villain. And there’s a crucial difference.

International politics tends to obscure more than it enlightens, and can lead to making big mistakes, with even bigger consequences. The American main stream media started this war a long time ago, and as any good history student knows, Russia does not start wars, but certainly knows how to finish them.

Let’s get a few things straight. It is true that America is, on balance, a malevolent influence in world politics. Putin’s Russia seeks to return to the Soviet Union’s former superpower status, and it seeks to do this by a reunion where all are welcome. Putin’s Russia doesn’t play by the same rules as, say Ukraine. Ukraine has a hand in so many dirty, criminal ventures even America’s FBI keeps a office in Kiev. There are registered lobbysists flooding Congress and the Senate with bribe money, but you don’t see Putin’s Russia doing that in the USA..

Vladimir Putin is the Godfather of international politics. The man has been around for longer than almost any of the other world leaders, and he plays the game extremely well. Putin doesn’t just engage in power politics, but he is trying to create out of sheer will an ideological alternative to Western liberal democracy, which you might call the BRICS, a union of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa-as a start.

You should be aware of all of this.

But here’s the thing: The best response to Putin is not to try to do the opposite of everything he says or to try to frustrate him at every turn. Instead, you should look at every specific situation and realize not everything outside of America’s borders requires a response. If you constantly obsess about Putin, you will end up with POD and it is only time until Washington starts selling you pills to treat it.

Take, for example, what’s happening in Syria. After being told we must attack Assad and sending 59 missiles after an Ivanka Trump outburst,Putin’s actions there remained cool and calm. You are not in a fallout shelter or dead, he is handling the matter, despite American intervention in Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, North Korea and Iran. I’m pretty sure we left out someplace, but since America is currently in 160 countries worldwide, you might want to cut Russia a break. If symptoms persist, see your neocon doctor as you have Putin Obsessive Disorder.

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