Moscow, Russia. Last fall the United States took action against the Russian Federation, including closure of diplomatic properties and the ejection of 30 plus Russian officials, now it seems Russia may be ready for payback in light of a lack of improved relations under President Trump.

The Kremlin’s chief foreign policy adviser threatened Washington a response to last year’s closure of Russia’s diplomatic compounds in the United States if they are not reopened.

Russian diplomatic buildings in the states of New York and Maryland were ordered closed by US President Barack Obama at the end of last year as his term was coming to an end, in response to Russia’s imaginary “interference” in US presidential elections that year.

The Russian Presidential aide on Foreign policy issues, Yuri Ushakov, said, “We have shown patience and sensibility, but this patience is, of course, not without limits.”

Moscow did not immediately respond to Washington’s move, but added that “the principle of reciprocity in diplomacy has not been canceled.” According to Ushakov, the blocking of Russian diplomatic property in the US has been raised at a number of recent meetings between Russian and American officials. How much longer Russia is willing to wait for the settlement of this issue and what kind of response could be made, Ushakov refused to speculate.

Russia also had 35 diplomatic employees in the United States who were also expelled. Everyone was surprised by the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said that Russia would not resort to reciprocal measures. Moscow hoped for a quick and sharp improvement in relations under President Donald Trump, but this has not happened.

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