Pentagon wants Russian arms for American troops

Washington, Pentagon. Freely admitting America is incapable of producing weapons as good as Russian ones, the Pentagon is looking for a few good guns, the catch is they can’t actually be Russian.

American congresspersons are asking why are America’s Special Forces of Green Berets and Navy SEALs in love with Russian weapons?

Many of the troops America fights are using Russian or Soviet weapons, from rifles to rocket launchers to heavy machine guns mounted on pickups. Which means that when American special forces provide some of these groups with weapons, they have to scrounge through the global arms market to buy Russian guns.

Now the Special Forces Command, which oversees America’s various commando units, has a plan: instead of buying Russian weapons, why not build our own? That’s why USSOCOM is asking American arms companies to come up with a plan to manufacture Russian and other foreign weapons.

More specifically, the Army wants American companies to explore whether it is possible to domestically produce the foreign-like weapons: 7.62×54R belt fed light machine gun that resembles a PKM, and a 12.7×108mm heavy machine gun that resembles a Russian-designed NSV.

Arms experts say there will be a copyright issue with producing Russian weapons in America without a license. One has to ask if Americans are really so stupid as to not simply buy the weapons they need directly from Moscow, but that would require removing the sanctions America, in its infinite wisdom placed on Russian arms exporters.


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