Yesterday, an ISIS suicide bomber driving a VBIED attacked a joint checkpoint of the Egyptian Army and tribal forces in the Joura area south of Sheikh Zuwaid in northern Sinai. ISIS claimed that the attack killed 16 fighters of the Egyptian Army and tribal forces.

ISIS militants also attacked the same checkpoint after the VBIED blast, where they managed to destroy a M-60 battle tank of the Egyptian Army with IED, killing two soldiers and injuring two others.

ISIS claimed that two other M-60 battle tanks were hit in the Mahdia area south of Rafah and Sadut checkpoint inside Rafah. Separately, a Humvee vehicle was hit by an IED in the Kharuba area east of Al-Arish.

Egyptian security forces arrested four terrorists, confiscated individual weapons and dismantled many IEDs in central Sinai.

Furthermore, the Egyptian Army confiscated a large number of drugs. ISIS finances its operations in Sinai from the drug and arms trade between Gaza, Egypt and Libya.

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