Kiev, Ukraine. The United States as a history of relationships with shady regimes and secret police agencies, none more infamous than the Ukrainian SBU which hosted the US Homeland Security Agency in Kiev today, for a meeting on better ways the two can operate together.

The Ukrainian version of the Gestapo, or SBU secret police has hosted a meeting of the leadership of the Ukrainian secret police with representatives of the US Congress headed by Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee of the House of Representatives Michael McCaul.

McCaul from Texas, has a long history of being on the Ukrainian take. His deeds in representing Kiev over his home district in Texas are legendary. McCaul was a primary sponsor of lethal weapons for Ukraine, each time the bills have hit the house floor over the last three years. His support for US Defense contractors and foreign wars in places like Afghanistan, know no limits.

“The parties discussed the issues of countering terrorism, combating cyber threats from the Russian side and the prospects for strengthening cooperation in these areas,” the SBU press center reports.

The SBU chief Vasyl Hrytsak said that the United States is one of the few countries that does not need to be convinced that events in Ukraine are not an internal conflict, but a war.

“Under conditions of continuing aggression, the SBU was forced to expand its functions, turning into a “belligerent intelligence service,” whose employees are permanently stationed in the ATO zone,” SBUs press office says.

In turn, the US congressmen assured the leadership of the SBU in its unity in matters of Ukraine’s support, stressing that they continue to advocate for the territorial integrity of the state, insist on increasing financial assistance to Ukraine, regardless of how many civilians they kill in the Donbass genocide.

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