Former NATO head demands lethal arms for Poroshenko

Former NATO head demands lethal arms for Poroshenko

Copenhagen, Denmark. The former head of NATO is now being paid by the Ukrainian government as a lobbyist and his job is to sell death and in a big way. He has come out in favor of lethal weapons to better arm Kiev in it’s efforts to kill citizens in the Donbass region of Ukraine.

The former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that now is the time for NATO allies, especially the United States, to provide Ukraine with defensive lethal weapons. “This will have an effect of deterrence against the armed forces supported by Russia,” he said to reporters.

“I also advocate that the US grant Ukraine a special status, the so-called major non-NATO ally. This will not provide security guarantees for Ukraine, but it will allow potential access to certain types of weapons. More importantly, it will become a powerful signal to Russia about Washington’s obligations towards Ukraine,” Rasmussen stressed, of course Rassmussen did not state that after leaving NATO, he went into business as a paid adviser and lobbyist for Petro Poroshenko and the Ukrainian nation itself.

Opperating under “Rassmussen Global” the former NATO chief makes the term “play to pay” come alive in the sheer magnitude of corruption. Treading on his former position for millions of dollars, he now runs the “Ukrainian initiative” which he describes openly on his web site as, “To support this work Rasmussen Global has established a unique platform of in-house policy experts and senior advisors in key capitals in Europe and the United States that work to bridge the gap of understanding between Kiev and Western donors.”

Rassmussen explains his paid activity like this, “Ukraine is the largest emerging economy and democracy in Europe. Yet it faces daunting challenges from coping with Russia’s military actions, wiping systemic corruption, to fighting donor fatigue. To help navigate through those risks and make Ukraine’s case internationally, the President of Ukraine appointed Mr. Rasmussen as external foreign policy advisor.”

Of course Rassmussen does not point out that “appointment” included a $10 million dollar payment, directly from a US assistance fund, courtesy of US taxpayers in 2017.

Rassmussen has been busy with his flood of American cash peddling the American way by corrupting the Trump transition team, with his contacts with General Flynn being questioned by FBI agents, before Trump could even get the keys to the White House, as evidenced here on Rassmussen’s own web site, “Comprehensive engagement with members of the transition team, close collaboration with members of Congress to feed in administration confirmation process and to lay out case in the US press for maintaining support to Ukraine and holding on Russia sanctions.”

The former head of NATO is a living example of how persons enter government in the West only to exit it, and then take advantage of insider knowledge to practice political corruption on a level that is highly rewarding and lethal to living things it comes in contact with.


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