Donetsk, DNR. The latest local meeting of the Russian-Donbass Integration Committe got together in the capital of the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic today for the second meeting in the last month.

The conference is being held at the Shakhtar Plaza Hotel and opened by DNR President Alexander Zakharchenko. Other officials in attendance from government in attendance include; Deputy Chairperson of the LNR Alexander Drobot, Russian Federation Duma Deputy Andrey Kozenko, Russian Federation Council Member Sergei Tsekov.

Attendees will come from both Donbass Republics and the Russian Federation. Political figures, jourrnalists, experts, analysts and a wide range of foreign delegates from ten seperate nations.

An opening ceremony will take place, followed by sessions on four seperate areas of integration; reconstruction of Russian – Donbass economic cooperation, humanitarian and cultural integration, best practices for public integration and a review of international support for Donbass.

The Integration Committee for Russia and Donbass was formed in Crimea on March 17th of this year. Its goals are to assist integration between the Donbass Republics and the Russian Federation in the sphere of social, cultural, and humanitarian areas of mutual concern to principals and stakeholders. More meeetings of the organization are expected to be held on the way to a referendum in Donbass for accession to Russian Federation membership.

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