Kiev, Ukraine. In some countries declaring you are worth millions on dollars while on a monthly salary of maybe a $1000 might cause a problem, but in corruption rich Ukraine it is just another day in the money madness center of modern monetary reform.

The elected deputy of the Irpin town council in the Kiev region, Igor Overko, has really drawn attention to himself with his online declaration of net worth in anti-corruption measures in Ukraine. Overko listed 586 apartments on his income declaration. He has supposedly sold 400 overnight in efforts to “clean up” his position, according to his attorneys.

186 apartments still remain listed as the deputy’s property. Overko’s income from selling the remainder amounted to more than $ 18.9 million dollars. In addition to the apartments, Overko also owns four residential buildings and 18 plots of land. What Overko does not tell you, is his position with the Ukrainian government pays an average salary of $1000 a month.

As noted on the website of the Ukrainian anti-corruption movement “Chesno” (meaning clean), Overko is the head and co-founder of the Synergy-Bud construction firm. Overko himself has already commented on the declaration he submitted, stressing that there are no violations of the law in it. “I am one of the few deputies who declared all their earnings honestly. I’m engaged in construction. It is here where I invest all my means,” he pleaded.

In recent income declarations from other Ukrainian officials, including President Petro Poroshenko, were published. Poroshenko claims income in the billions of dollars, which was obtained from interest earned on deposits in foreign banks. The former Prime Minister of Ukraine and the head of the People’s Front party, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, declared bank accounts in the amount of more than $110 million dollars, two houses, one with 343.5 square meters and another of 114.5 square meters, and three apartments in Kiev, as well as homes in Canada, the United States, a condo in Cyprus and home in Israel.

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