Beijing, China. It is certainly a brave new world as old alliances splinter and the sun does rise in the east, as China now busts a move on Greece in its latests foreign adventures.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping offered the prime minister of deeply indebted Greece strong support on Saturday, saying the two countries should expand cooperation in infrastructure, energy and telecommunications, much to the absout panic of the European Union.

“At present, China and Greece’s traditional friendship and cooperation continues to glow with new dynamism,” China’s Foreign Ministry cited Xi as saying.

Cooperation in infrastructure, energy and telecommunications should be “deep and solid”, Xi added, indicating the high regard China attaches to the Greek-Chinese relationship.

Tsipras visits Beijing to attend a summit to promote Xi’s vision of expanding links between Asia, Africa and Europe underpinned by billions of dollars in infrastructure investment called the Belt and Road initiative.

Greek infrastructure development group Copelouzos has signed a deal with China’s Shenhua Group to cooperate in green energy projects and the upgrade of power plants in Greece and other countries.The deal will involve total investment of $3.28 billion dollars Copelouzos said.

Other examples of massive Chinese investment include-China State Grid, who also agreed last year to buy a 24 percent stake in power grid operator ADMIE for $320 million dollars. China has been investing heavily in Greece in recent years.

One thing is for sure, as the old world fragments from a migrant invasion and multiple exits from the EU, China stands ready to pick up the pieces and rebuild a world in their own image.

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