Bloomington, Illinois. American agriculture giant Cargill has decided to divest itself of Ukraine, following lies made by Volodomyr Groysman about Ukrainian land ownership. Groysman had green lit the sale of Ukraine’s farm land to western business interests, then withdrew the plan and changed it in a bait and switch deception, that will now cost Ukrainian business interests billions of dollars.

American privately held global agricultural corporation Cargill has withdrawn from among the shareholders of Ukrainian-based UkrLandFarming (ULF) agrarian holding, according to a ULF financial report for 2016.

Cargill’s subsidiary, Cargill Financial Services International Inc. by the end of 2015, had held 1,668,749 ULF shares, or 5% of the total number. The remaining 95%, or 31,706,245 shares, were held by UK-based Avonex Limited.

By the end of 2016, the number of shares owned by Avonex Limited had not changed, whereas the package held by Cargill was transferred to Cyprus-based Quickcom Limited’s ownership, as Cargill is withdrawing from Ukrainian investing over lies told by Ukrainian PM Groysman about the proposed sale of Ukrainian farm land.

The report says that the sole owner of Avonex Limited and Quickcom Limited is Ukrainian oligarch Oleh Bakhmatiuk.

Cargill originally acquired a 5% stake in ULF early in 2014 for $200 million. Based on the sum of the deal, the total value of the holding was assessed at $4 billion.Cargill and Monsanto are now both rethinking the Ukraine as a corruption rich environment, with an undependable government.

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