On May 11, ISIS militants launched an attack on positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the villages of Ayed Kabir and Al-Mushirfa located west of the town of Tabqah in the province of Raqqah. Clashes have been ongoing. So far, the SDF have killed 26 ISIS militants and destroyed 3 vehicles.

From its side, ISIS claimed that five Kurdish fighters were killed after its attack on their positions in the village of Ajeel south of the Tabqah military airport.

Meanwhile, the SDF published videos showing its forces in Tabqa following the liberation of the town. Sources in the SDF confirmed that experts will repair the Tabqah dam soon.

Talal Sallou, spokesman of the SDF said that the next aim of the force is to isolate Raqqa the eastern, northern and western flanks prior to storming the ISIS self-proclaimed capital. Thus, ISIS will have an open way to the south, which means that the US-led coalition may be willing to push ISIS to withdraw into the Syrian desert where terrorists will fight the SAA and its allies.

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