Deputy Head of the OSCE SMM Alexander Hug arrived in Lugansk to get acquainted with the results of the investigation of the car explosion. This was reported by the News Front head Konstantin Knyrik on his Facebook page.

“Our reliable source reports that yesterday the head of the OSCE mission Hug arrived in Lugansk, spent the night in Stakhanov, before he traveled through Severodonetsk”, Knyrik wrote.

He noted that the internal investigation of the explosion of the OSCE car confirms the involvement of the Kiev Junta.

“The internal investigation of the explosion of the OSCE car confirms the fact that the explosion was organized by AFU, but how to file it to the public? Hug is acquainted with the internal results of the investigation”, Konstantin Knyrik said. “Another issue was also actively raised on the fact that the AFU started to illegally use the symbols of the OSCE. White cars with flags are riding along the front and carrying out reconnaissance tasks, but they are not representatives of the mission, but specially prepared vehicles”, he added.

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