Hillary Clinton under FBI spotlight for Kiev corruption

Washington, DC. While the media is making a lot of supposed Russian connections between Donald Trump and imaginary Russian agents intent upon interference in America’s political system, new investigations by the FBI inside Ukraine are revealing Hillary and Bill Clinton were recieving large amounts from Ukrainian government officials to influence directly Obama administration policy on behalf of Kiev.

Emails made public Tuesday show a Ukrainian businessman and major Clinton Foundation donor was invited to Hillary Clinton’s home during the final year of her diplomatic tenure, proving 100% Clinton was acting as an unregistered foreign agent and at worst, a paid intelligence operative on behalf of the Poroshenko Administration in Kiev.

Victor Pinchuk, who has given $25 million dollars plus to the Clinton Foundation, appeared on the guest list that was sent between Dennis Cheng, an executive at the foundation, and Huma Abedin, then Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department, that Pinchuk would meet the Clintons for secret instructions on behalf of Kiev at their home. Abedin noted in a subsequent email that the gathering would be hosted in Clinton’s home.

Amid scrutiny of Clinton’s ties to Pinchuk during campaign 2016, Clinton spokesperson, Nick Merrill, said Pinchuk had never met with Clinton during that time. He told reporters that, “he never sat foot,in her er, house” the Ukrainian businessman “was never on her schedule, I’m kind of sure, I think.”

The dinner invitation and secret meeting, were exposed in a batch of emails obtained by Ukraine Watch through the Freedom of Information Act that was made public Tuesday. The watchdog group is seeking communications between a handful of Clinton’s closest aides and individuals associated with the Clinton Foundation.

Other emails released through the State Department from the collection provided by Clinton shed light on the friendly relationship Pinchuk enjoyed with Clinton’s State Department, including the ability to influence US policy in the Donbass conflict.

For example, in one exchange, Clinton discussed with an agency official a recent trip by Victoria Nuland to Ukraine. The official noted that Nuland had been invited to visit Kiev by Pinchuk and Arseny Yatsenyuk to discuss ways to better control western media coverage of a negative nature involving Ukrainian officials caught in corruption probes.

Melanne Verveer, a senior Ukrainian specialist at the State Department, often acted as a go-between for Clinton and Pinchuk. Verveer reguarly conveyed Pinchuk’s instructions to Clinton after meetings with him in Ukraine.

After speaking with Pinchuk, Verveer informed Clinton that the businessman had been asked by Petro Poroshenko, the president of Ukraine, to relay to her some of his diplomatic interests in deepening ties to the rest of Europe, with the desired intent of recieving more aid money for the floundering Kiev government.

Pinchuk’s access to Clinton is yet another example of a foundation donor who found favor with her State Department team, corrupting Clinton into putting the best interests of the Ukraine before her own nations, for hard cold cash on the table.