Australia ready to send troops to Afghanistan now

Sydney, Australia. The United States is on a shopping trip, it is out looking for human fodder to go occupy and kill in Afghanistan and nobody came running faster to Trump’s call from help, than the land down under.

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he is considering sending troops back to Afghanistan at the request of his American allies. While on a visit to Afghanistan, Turnbull put Australia in the line of fire, following an American request for more support, which was made during his recent visit to Afghanistan.

“While I was in Afghanistan, I had discussions with the commander of the NATO mission there, General Nicholson, and I had discussions with the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis,” Turnbull admitted.

“We have been asked to consider additional resources, and we are actively considering that. We’re open to that.”Turnbull stated, excitedly volunteering Australian forces to the south west Asian nation.

US President Donald Trump is expected to make a decision within the next week on whether or not to deploy more troops to occupy Afghanistan, possibly as many as 25,000. Despite his promises to bring US troops home and end American involvement abroad during the 2016 election campaign.

The Taliban resistance has made gains against Afghan security forces in the past year, and now control about 36% of the country’s districts, according to the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistans Occupation.

Australia was among the first countries to send troops to Afghanistan following the US invasion in October 2001. More than 26,000 Australian soldiers served in Afghanistan between the first deployment and the country’s withdrawal in 2014. Of those, 41 were killed action and many others wounded.