Kiev, Ukraine. The fallout from the victory day parades nationwide continues as an international group has come down hard on Ukrainian violence upon its own citizens.

The international human rights organization Amnesty International in Ukraine has called on investigators to conduct an effective and unbiased examination of the events of the 9th of May in Ukrainian cities nationwide.

“Police actions during the events on May 9th in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa and other cities raise many questions, to which comprehensive answers should be provided as soon as possible. The report on the use of excessive force by the police against Immortal marchers must be thoroughly investigated,” a press release of the organization, distributed on Wednesday evening, says.

Director of Amnesty International in Ukraine Oksana Pokalchuk points out the illegal use of force by the police in numerous situations involving the beatings of immortal march members.

“If there is a need for the use of force by the police to ensure the rule of law, a number of requirements must be met. Among other things, the use of force should be justified (otherwise this is arbitrary use of force), and the minimum necessary force must be applied to achieve the necessary goal. We are concerned about statements that these requirements have not been met,” she said.

The organization says that the investigation must establish all the facts related to the clashes in different cities of Ukraine on May 9, provide appropriate evidence and bring the perpetrators to justice.

As reported, in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, the 9th of May saw a number of parades in memory of those killed in the WWII. The actions were accompanied by clashes and the use of force by the police and neo Nazi groups upon those remembering Soviet war dead.

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