Washington, DC. The USA is back in the cash for corpses business, having put a $10 million dollar bounty on an obscure Al-Qaeda operative, who has gone off the American radar long enough to cause concern.

The United States government is offering a $10 million reward for information to identify or locate the head of Al-Qaeda’s former Syria affiliate the Fateh al-Sham Front. A person who has committed no crime inside the United States.

The State Department’s Rewards for Justice reward for information on Abu Mohamed al-Jolani is its first for a leader of the group. He has been named a “specially designated global terrorist” by the State Department and is also listed at the United Nations Security Council as a terrorist, despite not one court appearance or conviction in a court of law.

The State Department offering indicates that Jolani pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda in April 2013 after falling out with the Islamic State group. He praised Al-Qaeda again in an online video posted in July 2016. Both shaky as to being worth $10 million dollars, given teenage girls worldwide do both, on a regular basis for shock effect.

Al-Nusra Front, split from Al-Qaeda in July 2016 from Al-Qaeda in a move analysts said was an abortive attempt to end its blacklisting by the United Nations and Western governments. It has a contentious relationship with some rebel groups, but many others have allied with it against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, despite its jihadist ideology.

America’s rewards program has been questioned previously for offering large sums of cash, for low priority target individuals. It is seen by many American legislators as throwing cash at a problem to resolve it, without ending the root cause of the violence behind those it is buying the capture of.

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