Kiev, Ukraine. One of the most popular political parties in modern Ukraine is not Nazi led or organized, it is run by a Jew, but incredibly when given a chance to address the world community, what Vadim Rabinovich did not say was far more important than what he did say.

Vadim Rabinovich heads one of the opposition parties in Ukraine called “For Life” which is currently riding high in the opinion polls. The Ukrainian MP believes the Ukraine has a role to play in Europe, just not one as seen by the current Poroshenko Administration and it’s American “partners.”

When asked about EU accession, Rabinovitch spoke of having to change the whole character of Ukraine and Ukrainians in general to meet that goal. Rabinovich says,”It seems to me that the endless imposition of Ukraine on Europe does not help either Ukraine or Europe. We need to build such a country that will be organically a part of Europe – to create a European society within itself.” Leaving the impression Ukrainians must change their charachter to be a part of a future EU, that is falling apart with member nations leaving and seeking to do so.

Rabinovitch was equally non specific on a future as Russia’s neighbor, “Russia is a neighbor of Ukraine and nothing can be done about it. I always remember the European experience, even the most negative. The 100-year war between England and France ended in peace. Therefore, we need to go to a peaceful resolution of the issue. First of all, this is the unconditional fulfillment by both sides of the Minsk agreements. In addition, it seems to me important that if we, together with Russia, manage to slightly change rhetoric and replace the words, which are particularly irritating for both sides, then we could move much further.”

This attitude that he believes a 100 year war is a yardstick for the Donbass conflict or in dealing with Russia, should be enough to get anyones full attention at once. For a candidate to agree that such a situation is remotely possible, acceptable or part of their tool kit of diplomacy is a truly frightening position.

Rabinovitch then contradicts his earlier hopes of EU membership, by suggesting an incredible future for Ukraine-as a neutral state, “We want to build a neutral independent state, as I call it “Switzerland of Eastern Europe” with a professional army. We want to destroy all stereotypes, develop the agrarian industry (because we have a unique land, our unique black earth), develop high-tech, raise the educational level of the population and, of course, build a banking system. Here’s what we need to focus on. In our country, all management systems were post-communist. I suggest a liberal system of government aimed at increasing the purchasing power of the population, rather than tightening the belts.”

One thing emerges in the Rabinovitch “For Life” platform, its lack of a clear direction is every bit as important as what he does not say in trying to assume a leadership role in a future Ukraine, minus Donbass.

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