Ukraine was looking forward to the “grand event”, called “Eurovision” for a year. The government was spending the last money to organize an international song contest, forgetting about the internal problems of the country. To show Europe that “Ukraine can” became a priority for Petro Poroshenko and his entire suite, because this is the best chance to draw the attention of Western representatives. However, did not the Ukrainian leader “overdo it”?

Perhaps the stars who came to perform their songs on the Kiev stage have not yet had time to appreciate all the “beauty” of Kiev, but ordinary viewers-foreigners have already shared their impressions received from walks in the Ukrainian capital. “This is some kind of village! I’m already tired of counting holes on the roads, drivers are aggressive, and sellers do not understand a word of English”, Dane Christine Peterson complained in her tweet. Another guest of Eurovision from the UK published an angry letter on his Facebook page, in which he described fraud on the part of Ukrainian houseowners: “My friend, who speaks Ukrainian, agreed with the owner of a one-room apartment about a three-day lease. I do not know much about local currency, so I asked to help me to postpone the necessary amount for the hostess of living space. When I came to settle, the woman realized that I was a foreigner and demanded more money than I gave her. This is some rudeness! Ukrainians believe that they are smarter, and so they are profiting from us? And they call themselves Europe?”

Also, a lot of ironic comments appeared  in the network about the welcome speech by the wife of Petro Poroshenko, who spoke before foreign guests who came to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. “It’s a shame, comrades. Even my grandfather has better pronunciation”. Evaluating the organization of the first day of the contest, one of the foreigners who visited it noted that “It was not a ceremony, but a wild mess. The hosts were simply awful and spoke in English out of place, asked strange and uninteresting questions. Even when participants walked along the red carpet, old versions of their songs were played. It was painful to look at all this, but I restrained myself”. Her comment has already managed to collect 256 likes.

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