Caracas, Venezuela. In a disturbing report that is now confirmed, the Maduro government is detaining protesters and those not in agreement with new security measures in the country now embroiled in fermenting civil unrest, one step from open revolt.

Venezuela’s opposition groups, non-government organisations and international bodies have accused the government of using military courts against its critics. The courts have detained at least 50 protesters, according to a local human rights organisation.

The secretary general of the Organisation of American States (OAS) likened the country to a dictatorship and seemed to be suggesting military intervention may be at hand by other western powers.

Maduro government officials have not confirmed the arrests or the military processing of civilian suspects. But independent confirmation has come from UN, OAS, and independent press reports inside the South American nation, often a target of George Soros, in a color revolution for profit.

“The right and basic guarantees of due process no longer exist in Venezuela from the moment a civilian is forced to appear before a military court,” said Luis Almagro, the Uruguayan head of the OAS, in a video statement on Monday.

Alfredo Romero, a lawyer for Foro Penal group, told reporters military hearings involving civilians had been taking place for several days. “So far, 75 people have been brought before Venezuelan military courts,” he said. “Fifty of those remain in custody.” Foro Penal said they were being held in camps, south of Caracas.

Venezuela announced its withdrawal from the OAS last month, accusing the US-based group of meddling in its affairs.President Nicolás Maduro said on Monday he planned to create a “military constituency” to deepen his revolution.

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