Washington, DC. US President Donald Trump showed no reservations if he had any, as he signed the US spending bill giving the Ukraine another $560 Million dollars from American taxpayers “contributions.”

The President of the United States of America Donald trump signed a bill passed by the Congress consolidated, known as the law on budget allocations for 2017. The bill provisions include the allocation of Ukraine assistance in the amount of not less than USD $560 million.

This was announced during the briefing and transmitted by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders,“Yeah, somewhere about an hour ago,” she answered the question about Ukrainian assistance by journalists.

Sanders did not indicate if the President had made any changes or additions to the bill at time of signing.

According to the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America, the consolidated draft law on the budget allocation for 2017 submitted for approval to the US Congress earmarked assistance to Ukraine in the amount of at least $560 million dollars.

Of this amount, military aid and security policy before 1 October (the end of the fiscal year) provided $238 million.

Excluding loan guarantees-which come to hundreds of millions of dollars themselves, appropriations for other programs of assistance to Ukraine, according to the Embassy of Ukraine, is expected to increase by $27 million dollars. compared with the year 2016.

In the bill on budget appropriations the program of assistance to Ukraine is planned to allocate not less than USD 560 million. In particular, military aid and security policy Ukraine until the end of the fiscal year (until October 1) the U.S. plans to allocate not less than 238 million dollars.

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