Russian FSB officer beheaded in ISIS video

Moscow, Russia. Disturbing footage has been released by ISIS terrorists claiming to have murdered a captured Russian FSB officer supposedly captured in the Caucusus region of Russia, attempting to infiltrate the islamic terrorist organization for intelligence gathering purposes.

The terrorist group ISIS has beheaded a man claimed to be a Russian FSB intelligence officer in a gory propaganda video released to coincide with Russia’s Victory Day celebrations.

The lengthy video repeated the format used in previous hostage executions, including of James Foley and David Haines, showing a prisoner identified as Evgeny Petrenko giving a “confession” under duress, then murdering the person in the video by knife attack.

ISIS named Mr Petrenko as a Federal Security Service (FSB) colonel in a previous propaganda video released last September, threatening to execute the prisoner in a “message to the President of Russia and its people”.

Petrenko was shown dressed in a black jump suit speaking with militants in prison, before kneeling in a desert and urging other Russian FSB agents to surrender.

“This idiot believed the promises of his state not to abandon him if he was captured,” Mr Petrenko said, before he was beheaded by a Russian-speaking ISIS terrorist.

The execution footage was released on ISIS propaganda channels on Tuesday, as a huge Russian military parade rolled through Moscow to mark the anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

The FSB agent was shown supposedly confessing to attempting to infiltrate terrorist groups in the Caucus, Turkey and Syria, where he allegedly contacted Chechen militant Omar al-Shishani, who has since been killed in a US air strike.