London, United Kingdom. With an election now less than a month away, NATO could not pick a better time to demand more British troops go die in Afghanistan, than at the same time former PM Tony Blair re-enters political life in Great Britain.

The timing of the request may not be great for Theresa May ahead of the election. But it won’t come as a huge surprise.The US military have made no secret of their wish for more British troops in Afghanistan

NATO has now demanded Britain to consider sending more troops to Afghanistan, the BBC now reports. There are Currently about 500 British troops in the country, providing security in Kabul, and helping with training at the Afghan Officer Academy.

The request was made within the last few weeks, but held back in an attempt not to alter French election results, but no such concerns from Brussels emerged as given the Brexit, there is nothing more NATO would like, than to stop a Brexit as soon as possible.

Nato’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg is due to meet Theresa May at Downing Street on Wednesday to outline the deployment and is expected to discuss the British “contribution” to the campaign to spread “democracy” in Afghanistan.

The demand for more British treasure, comes as the US doubles down itself on shipping more of it’s young people to die in the occupation of Afghan territory. America’s military and state department are recommending sending at least 3,000 more US troops to Afghanistan to occupy the country, US media report.

There are 13,000 NATO troops currently in the country, 8,400 of them American. US combat operations against the Taliban officially ended in 2014, but special forces have continued to provide support to Afghan troops.

The United Kingdom was involved in the conflict in Afghanistan against the Taliban and al-Qaeda for 13 years, from 2001 to 2014.The last UK combat troops left Afghanistan in October 2014, but 450 remained in order to train, advise, and assist local Afghan forces with occupation duties for NATO.

Last month, the Taliban announced the start of their “spring offensive” a week after killing at least 135 Afghan soldiers and an unknown number of American troops, in a military compound near the northern city of Mazar-e Sharif.

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