Kiev, Ukraine. In the alternative reality world of US-backed neo-Nazi loving Kiev, a different “transition” is taking place, as the Poroshenko Administration seeks to revise history and end any Ukrainian participation in “victory day” celebrations.

With the help of their US State Department handlers, victory day will be replaced in Ukraine with “memory and reconciliation day” which will be held on May the 8th yearly, according to Kiev press pool reports. Next year the 9th of May, will no longer be a holiday in Ukraine, rather a working day for all Ukrainians.

That obviously did not slow down a number of persons intent on saluting the Soviet Red Army’s sacrifices in the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi German forces during WWII.Reports have come in nation wide from those either unaware or ignoring the new law that carries a 5 year prison term for display of a separatist or soviet flag or symbols in the Poroshenko portion of Ukraine.

A number of such “soviet” minded citizens have been arrested. In Kharkov, a column of combined Communists and “separatist sympathizers” took to the streets and were confronted by pravy sektor troops who attacked and harrased the march of the immortal participants remembering those lost liberating Ukraine from nazism in WWII.

Kiev remained a hot spot for the nazi led Poroshenko administration, as 12,000 police and troops were called out to deal with an expected march of 400,000 “soviet” minded citizens, seeking to remember the Red Army dead. Major sections of downtown Kiev are blocked off, as police prepare for the worst. Marches tonight of Bandera believers and Ukrainian Nazis are expected by torchlight, late into the night back in Kiev.

The Poroshenko administration came to power after the United States financed a violent overthrow of the legally elected Yanukovich government.It continues to function with the assistance of the EU and USA with massive amounts of funding. Currently, it’s armed forces contain numerous armed neo-Nazi groups that assist in an ongoing genocide in the eastern Donbass section of the country, where over 100,000 people have been killed since 2014.

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