Tallinn, Estonia. Despite being signatories to a number of animal protection treaties under European Union conventions, the Estonian Republic has decided it will kill a number of Beavers in efforts to prevent “Russian aggression” on their border regions.

Estonian border guards will destroy beaver dams along the rivers and streams bordering on Russia because these constructions facilitate the transit of smugglers and allow for “Russian aggression” according to border control officials, ERR Estonian news reports.

Beaver dams are located in Southeastern Estonia on the Pededze and Piusa rivers, as well as on some small streams. A procurement contract bid process has already been announced to find a contractor for the task.

It would be necessary to cut the trees lying on Russian territory along the border line. However, the contractor’s challenge is to avoid crossing the coastline of Russia while performing the job. Otherwise, the Russian bear might seek vengeance for the deaths of his Estonian beaver buddies.

They will also have to negotiate with the Russian border guards about cutting the trees that have either fallen down from the Russian shore or are still growing there.

Work cannot begin until such an agreement has been reached but Estonian authorities have given a 15-day deadline to destroy the defenseless creatures.

As reported before, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have begun to introduce additional border control measures and to erect fences on their eastern borders against imaginary “little green men” they endlessly see in their NATO sponsored nightmares.

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