A series of the commemoration events, with the “Immortal Regiment” march being the highlight, were held in the Chaoyang park in Beijing.
The participants of the events saw a gala concert, a photo exhibition and live broadcast of Moscow’s May 9 Victory Parade in the Jintai Art Museum, located in the park.

These events in Beijing are organized by the inter-regional historical and patriotic movement Immortal Regimen, a community of Russian-speaking people leaving in Beijing, the Jintai Art Museum and the Russian embassy in China. The organizers expect some 100 people to take part in the event.

The “Immortal Regiment” is a patriotic initiative that commemorates WWII soldiers in marches held across Russia and other countries on May 9, celebrated as Victory Day in Russia and the former Soviet republics. In 2016, at least 40 countries housed the “Immortal Regiment” marches.

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