Washington, Pentagon. America is having to explain how a former English punk rocker now turned grandmother is officially on the infamous US drone strike “kill list.” The woman has landed on a list that allows Pentagon drone pilots to kill her anywhere, anytime but experts question the legal basis of maintaining such an automatic kill list for individuals never convicted of any crime in a US court of law.

A British punk rocker-turned-jihadi bride is quickly moving up the charts — of the Pentagon’s terrorist kill list, according to Pentagon spokesperson who spoke on condition on anonymity.

Sally Jones a citizen of the United Kingdom, has recently become a “high priority” on the “kill list” of wanted terrorists by the United States Pentagon, the Sunday Times of London reported.

Ms. Jones, 49, has been implicated in two horrific, but foiled, plots to spill the blood of innocent Americans. She has never been arrested by American law enforcement for either plot. The US claims under executive orders and authority of the President, a death sentence can be applied on foreign nationals without being convicted of a crime, much to civil rights lawyers absolute condemnation.

The first was an attempt to livestream the murder of a US veteran; the second was a plotted mass shooting at a North Carolina concert, the British newspaper reported as the reasons being given for the Pentagon to green light Jones death sentence, wherever she is found and regardless of the collateral damage.

Jones also is believed to have joined in a failed plot targeting Queen Elizabeth in 2015, during V-J Day celebrations in London, but authorities have no way of confirming this as no interogation or due process of any sort, has been a part of this situation with Jones.

Originally from Kent in southeast England, Jones is believed to be in Iraq or Syria, where she hopes to avoid the fate of her late ISIS husband. The husband, Junaid Hussain, a computer hacker from Birmingham, England, was killed by a US drone in the then-ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria in 2015.

Jones and Hussain were celebrities in the ISIS world, with her recruiting women and him ranking high in the caliphate’s technology operations through CyberCalipha. Before devoting herself to dark, bloodthirsty ISIS masters, Jones was a guitarist in an all-girl rock band called Krunch.

The mother of two might may have been involved in brain washing her two children into executions of ISIS hostages. Shocking video emerged in August last year of children executing captured Kurds.One of the pint-size terrorists was a young light-skinned boy, who British anti-terrorist intelligence believe is Jones’ 11-year-old son, who now goes by the name Umm Hussain Britaniyah.

Jones now goes by the name of Sakinah Hussain according to US military officials, who say she can be killed wherever located on the planet earth, with no trial or due process rights under patriot act statutes.

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