Kiev, Ukraine. The Ukrainian Defense Minister is having a bad month. He recently was filmed laughing at how he came up with the “ATO-anti terrorist operation” designation in a BBC interview, then admitted the Minsk agreements were a ruse to buy time for the Poroshenko administration and today he announced ten times more Ukrainians died in WWII than was physically possible.

More than 14 million Ukrainians were killed in the crucible of World War II, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov has said, the press service of the ministry reported.

“Today, the whole world is celebrating the Day of Memory and Reconciliation, when we remember those people, the tens of millions of victims of World War II. We remember and honor all the heroes who gave their lives, protecting Ukraine from fascism and Stalinism,” a statement of the NSDC secretary, posted on the website of the ministry on Monday, says.

Turchynov said that during the war more than 14 million Ukrainians were killed.”They died on the fronts, died of hunger and diseases, were removed from the motherland,” he wrote.

History experts point out this is a physical imposibility and that the minister has intentionally blown the number all out of proportion for political shock value. The actual number of Ukrainians killed during the Second World War stands at 1,377,400 and according to Wiki leaks that was 15% of Ukraine’s WWII era population. For Turchynov’s numbers to be correct, every man, woman and child in Ukraine would have had to die in WWII.

He said that after decades of peace in Ukraine there is fighting again, this time because of Russian aggression. Crimea is occupied, the east is burning. He did not bring up that the current Kiev regime uses openly neo-Nazi armed units to pursue an official policy of genocide in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

Turchynov also said there are parallels between the events in Europe in the late thirties of the last century and the present day: the behavior and motivation of the aggressors at all times is the same.

“It is impossible to pacify it, and the civilized world must decide whether to wait for the next step of the aggressor or stop it. We have answered this question long ago. This war has also become patriotic for us, because we defend our Motherland, our Ukraine,” Turchynov wrote.

“I am sure we will pass our way with honor – the way to victory! God is on our side, Ukraine with us, a victory will be on our side!” he said restating the exact words on every Nazi soldier’s belt buckle in WWII- Gott Mit Uns-God is with us. If history is correct, repeating the past, will leave Turchynov no place to hide when this war ends in the present.

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