Donetsk, DNR. In late breaking news it has been announced that a number of explosions took place near an event attended by DNR head Alexander Zakharchenko at Saur-Mogila National Battlefield Park, DAN and DNR news report today. The leader was unharmed and one device was disarmed by military engineers in the security escort.

Six massive explosions detonated on the highway in the Shakhtar district of Donetsk region, where the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko was scheduled to travel on. There were no casualties, a News Front correspondent has reported from the blast site.

The event with the participation of the DNR head was planned to be held at the memorial complex Saur-Mogila.

The road is temporarily blocked and vehicles are using alternate roads to reach Saur-Mogila.

An official with the DNR leader’s administration told reporters the explosions have been designated as a terrorist attack. The DNR Ministry of State Security (MGB) are investigating currently.

“The official version of what happened is a terrorist attack,” a spokesperson for the head of the DNR told reporters.

Saur-Mogila is a National Battlefield Park in the Shakhtarsk district of the Donetsk People’s Republic. A memorial was created at Saur-Mogila after the Great Patriotic War to salute Soviet Russian troops fighting German Nazi troops there. The memorial was badly damaged in the fighting between the modern Ukrainian Nazi troops and the DNR freedom fighters in August 2014.

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