French incumbent President Francois Hollande expressed readiness to provide support to his successor Emmanuel Macron who won the French presidential runoff on Sunday.

“I wish him [Macron] every success, and he knows that if he needs information, advice, experience, he is free to consult me, I will always be glad and always be by his side,” Hollande told reporters.

Commenting on career of Macron, who left the post of the country’s economy minister in 2016 in Hollande’s government, the president said that “some day he separated and decided to present a project to French people.”

“He was elected, he is a president, and now he is standing in front of his own way thanks to the experience that he learned from me and our joint work,” Hollande added.

On Sunday, the second round of French presidential election was held in France. According to the final count of the votes, Macron won French presidency with 66.1 percent of the votes.

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