Berlin, Germany. As the celebrations for the victory over Nazi Germany celebration take place, grateful citizens of European liberated nations come forward to confirm their intent to honor the sacrifices of the Russian military and people who gave all for Europe’s freedom in the Second World War.

Organizations across Europe will honor the memory of Soviet heroes with memorial actions in honor of Victory Day. Nations joining in the celebration have been as diverse as; Canada, Czech Republic, Serbia, United States, Austria, Slovakia, Germany and Bulgaria.

In Prague on May 9th, several events will take place in memory of the fallen Soviet soldiers, and in Austria and Germany there will be marches of the “Immortal Regiment” and “St. George’s Ribbon”.

The head of the parliament of the world Serb diaspora, Dragan Stanoevich, believes that in the West there is a process of falsifying history, designed to belittle the role of the Soviet Union in World War II.

“Our answer is not only the Immortal Regiment, which will be held on May 9th in Belgrade, but also other events that we will hold in memory of those who fought against Nazism,” he told reporters.

Ukraine is one of the only countries where such clebrations are at the risk of the participant. Past celebrations have resulted upon Ukrainian Nazis violently attacking even women and children for solidarity with Russian veterans of WWII.

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