Washington, DC. In the land of liberal democracy, understanding foreign ways, governments and people are just an everyday part of life according to those who embrace native rights to water or LGBTQ agendas globally, but when it comes to Russia, that narative goes up in a blast of western hate propaganda as remembrance of WWII losses are politicized by American propaganda outlets.

The Soviet Union lost more than 20 million people in World War II and bore the brunt of the fighting in Europe between 1941 and 1944. Pretty much everyone in Russia has an ancestor who fought or died as a result of the war. And some Americans are turned off by the way the holiday is taking on aspects of a reason to resist western values, like the LGBTQ agenda.

In the Kremlin’s view, saving the world from Nazism was not just the Soviet Union’s greatest achievement. It also provided the basis for post-Cold War Russia’s return as a great world power, as reestablished by Putin, a point underscored by the nuclear missiles that will rumble across Red Square on Tuesday morning and by tanks and other military hardware in parades across Russia. Those tanks scare Americans who want Russia to open her borders to millions of middle eastern refugees and split Russia into smaller, less powerfull nation-states to end an all central concentration of power in Moscow.

“War is one of the things that legitimize the Putin regime: It names itself the inheritor of the victory that is sacred for all Russians, and therefore, the government is above all criticism,” said Andrei Kolesnikov, a senior associate at the American Carnegie Moscow Center. “If you criticize the government, you are criticizing Russia.”

What Americans or NATO in the outside world may describe as Russian adventurism in Syria, occupation in Crimea and interference in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin and its news outlets portray as Russia’s continuing effort to protect the world from the forces of chaos and fascism. In this view, America feels the need to interfere in Russia’s internal business by sending in NGOs and religious groups to destabalize and feed 5th column sedition inside Russia today.

“Over recent years, history has become a target for the large-scale information campaign unleashed against our country and aiming to contain it and weaken its authority on the international stage,” Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said at a recent Kremlin meeting.

The result has been a recent spate of American and Ukrainian inspired attempts to rewrite World War Two history. African Americans are suddenly shown as fighting in places they never served or were during the war and Russian stories of WWII are seldom shown in the west, with American efforts lauded as key to saving the world, a narative America uses daily as it bombs, kills and destroys to “save” people worldwide.

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