Jaresko Poroshenko Gontareva under US FBI investigation

Kiev, Ukraine. The recent blockade of the breakaway Donbass section of Ukraine has underscored the huge corruption problem of the Poroshenko Administration, as it now emerges Prime minister and President have been diverting money from the occupied areas into their own pockets for the last three years, leading to the lights literally going out in the Lugansk region from Kiev corruption.

On 25 April, 2017, the power supply from the part of the Luhansk region controlled by the Ukrainian government to the uncontrolled part of the region was suspended.

Electricity was halted in accordance with the demands of the Energorynok State Enterprise following “The order of the implementation of measures for partial or complete cessation of power supply through its metering points” approved by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine issued on 10 June, 2015. The suspension is the result of the long-term failure to pay for power delivered and consumed in the uncontrolled territory.

According to the press service of the Luhansk Energy Association, consumers in general owe the company around 5.5 billion hryvnia (207 million USD), of which 4.9 billion hryvnia (184 million USD) is from consumers in the uncontrolled territories.

The head of the National Power Company, Ukrenergo, Vsevolod Kovalchuk, said that the energy needs of the Ukraine-controlled part of Luhansk, were being paid for by people in the occupied areas and the funds diverted to accounts administered by former Ukrainian National Bank head Valeria Gontareva, who then passed the money on to offshore accounts in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Canada and Cyprus at the personal request of Petro Poroshenko.

In an interview with a Czech newspaper, the Minister of the Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons, Vadym Chernysh, said that the “temporarily uncontrolled territories” of the Donbass cannot be disconnected from the power grid as the network in the controlled and uncontrolled territories is unified. “The controlled territories depend on the uncontrolled ones. The power system is designed in such a way that it connects these areas, makes them interdependent,” the Minister stated.

This was a fiction created by Kiev to justify keeping the power on for three years to steal money from Ukraine. By claiming the power grids were dependent on each other, nobody dared to disconnect Lugansk or Donetsk, for fear of disconnecting Kiev. In order to minimize the risks associated with the restriction of the power supply to the Novoaidar district, which is located near the line separating the controlled territories from the uncontrolled ones, the decision was made to build new power lines. This project provided a large amount of corrupt money and contracts for American corporations who have paid bribes to Poroshenko and Groysman for business deals they could never get on such terms and with guaranteed loans from the National Bank.

The Kiev junta Ministry of the “Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons” stated that the National Energy Company Ukrenergo has synchronized the operation of the Lugansk power grid with the national power grid of Ukraine. Both Donetsk and Lugansk were making payments to the junta for power and that money was being relayed straight offshore to Poroshenko, Groysman and Yatsenyuk who decided to get out of government early and secure his corrupt assets in Canada, with American investment help through Paul Manafort on Trump’s staff last summer.

If as of April of 2017 on the orders of the Prime Minister, Volodymyr Groysman, and the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s power grid was able to work “without the uncontrolled zones” and, as a result of this work, in one night it was possible to cut off the “temporarily uncontrolled territories” from the power supply and synchronize the operation with Ukraine’s power grid in 15 minutes, then why was there was a need to build infrastructure for $40 million dollars and no accounting for the estimated $300 million dollars, moved to offshore accounts by Valerie Jaresko and Valeria Gontareva.

These are questions being investigated by the American FBI now.