Los Angeles, California.The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee called reports that false information was mixed with legitimate documents in the leak of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign communications “a nightmare scenario.” But when questioned about the Barack Hussein Obama interference in the French election, he stood silent with nothing to say.

California Rep. Adam Schiff released a statement on Twitter on Saturday calling the mixture of fake and real information in a leak from hacked documents his greatest fear regarding the Russian influence campaign on the American presidential election. But was unable to explain Barack Obama’s last minute endorsement of Macron and how it was not American interference in France’s election.

“Imagine the impact on an election if hackers inserted false information into a real email that suggested illegality by a candidate, and then published the document,” Schiff said. “If this was done close to an election, there would be no opportunity to disprove the forgery and who would believe the victim even if they could?

The American congressman said he’s still waiting for confirmation from French intelligence that forged information is, in fact, included in the leaks as alleged by Macron’s campaign. But, if the allegations are true, he said it “would represent yet another dangerous escalation of cyber interference in a Western nation’s democracy.”

American intelligence officials have determined Russia sought to influence the 2016 presidential election and have warned the Kremlin plans to do the same in elections throughout Europe, as ex-US President Barack Obama just did in his endorsement of Macron himself.

Macron is widely seen to be a pro-European Union candidate who would continue much of France’s liberal neocon foreign policy. However, his opponent Marine Le Pen is a friend of Russia and has called for a “Frexit” from the EU and withdrawl from NATO.

The final round of French presidential election in Metropolitan France will take place on Sunday. The first round took place on April 23, in which independent candidate Emmanuel Macron came first with 24.01 percent of the votes, followed by right-wing Marine Le Pen with 21.3 percent.

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