Moscow, Russia. Having condemned the new US proposed sanctions headed to President Trump on North Korea, Russia prepares for its own confrontation with the USA, as the sanctions order US agents to bord and seize Russia ships and aircraft that have landed in North Korea or sailed in her waters.

The administration of the Trump White House has proposed plans to undertake special monitoring of several Russian ports in the far east as part of the implementation of sanctions against North Korea. The provisions are included in a bill adopted Thursday by the US Congress House of Representatives.

Once the law is passed, the President Donald Trump will be obliged to provide congress with a full report annually, for a period of five years, on the ports and airports involved in the violation of sanctions against North Korea by any countries. In particular, this refers to Vladivostok, Nakhodka and Vanino, as well as ports in China, Iran, Syria and any nation visiting or trading with North Korea.

Within the bill, it is understood that the US Department of Homeland Security be required to inspect air and sea vessels that have visited North Korea. International experts in law are having serious reservations about the legality of the United States going into Russian or a foreign nations ports or airports and boarding by force.

Russian legislators have condemned the legislation and the Foreign Ministry has taken the position that it is simply a publicity stunt.

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