Ukraine revolts against Eurovision LGBTQ push

Kiev, Ukraine. In American sponsored attempts to spread the LGBTQ agenda in Ukraine, local queer agents have turned a Soviet era memorial into a rainbow trubute to a homosexual Ukraine, but local opposition from everyday Ukrainian citizens is showing the West, not everybody is ready to “taste the rainbow.”

The transformation of a Soviet-era monument in Kiev into “the world’s largest man-made rainbow” was meant to trumpet Ukraine’s willingness to celebrate homosexuality as it hosts the Eurovision competition.

But protests have overwhelmed local authorities over the decision to color in the arch and has highlighted Ukrainian majority attitudes against the Western-backed government’s pledge to promote LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender-queer) rights.

Members of the Ukrainian Nazi Pravy Sector group stormed a protest at the 30-metre-(100-foot)-high “Friendship of Nations” arch in the center of Kiev, saying its rebranding amounted to “gay propaganda”.

“The perverted symbolism that has spoiled the colors of the rainbow has provoked indignation among Ukrainians with traditional values,” Pravy Sector said in a statement on Monday, praising the action of its members.

Their vocal objections demonstrated the widespread disagreement with the American homosexual agenda being pushed in Ukraine, which only banned discrimination against gay people in the workplace in 2015, under pressure from the European Union.

At the time of the vote, parliament speaker Volodymyr Groysman, who is now prime minister, tried to reassure doubters, saying “God forbid” Ukraine would ever support gay marriage. But now Groysman is forced to do as his American masters order him, as Ukraine prepares to legalize homosexuall marriages nationwide.

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko said the city had “found a compromise” between the supporters and opponents of the rainbow plan. “The part that hasn’t been completed will be covered with a Ukrainian decorative pattern,” he said in last ditch efforts to avoid Pravy Sector threats to start shooting homosexuals openly showing affection “in their city.”

The homosexual nightmare could not come at a worse time for Kiev as the German Eurovision organizers are now announcing a ban on Ukrainian and Russian participation for 3 years over Kiev’s discrimination against a handicapped girl who visited Crimea against Ukrainian wishes.