Brussels, Belgium. The clock is running on the Brexit and Donald Tusk is a man trying to focus the circus under his control, as chaos is the only accomplishment so far in the divorce between the United Kingdom and European Union.

The European Union chief Donald Tusk appealed Thursday for calm as tensions soar between Brussels and London,”These negotiations are difficult enough as they are. If we start arguing before they even begin, they will become impossible,” said EU Council President Tusk.

Speaking a day after British Prime Minister Theresa May accused some EU officials of actions that “have been deliberately timed to affect the result of the general election” taking place across the United Kingdom this June.

Theresa May has called for new elections as enemies of the Brexit prepare to go after her, felloe party members and even bring dead gosts like Tony Blair back to life in last gasp efforts to stop a real Brexit divorce from the European Union.

“The stakes are too high to let our emotions get out of hand. Because at stake are the daily lives and interests of millions of people.” Tusk stated. Another report in a German newspaper, citing EU Commission sources, quoted Commission President Juncker on the issue as, “10 times more skeptical than I was before” that talks can succeed.

The EU Brexit negotiations which must be completed by March 30, 2019. Mark the first time a member has left the EU. The process is unprecedented and complicated, and the delays caused by the snap elections in Britain are fueling uncertainty between London and the 27 nations that will remain.

What the end results of Brexit negotiations will be is currently up in the air, but the fact that the clock is running, has not escaped any of the stakeholders in the Brexit process.

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