Washington, Pentagon. Despite having promised to bring US forces home in campaign 2016, Donald Trump is now deploying and getting US troops killed on a daily basis, the most notable casualties were in Somalia.

The United States Navy SEALs had one sailor killed and two other operators were wounded during a firefight in Somalia on Friday, marking the latest casualties in President Donald Trump’s fight against terrorists in Africa and the Middle East.

The US Navy SEAL’s death is the first American combat death in Somalia since 1993. A Defense Department official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the casualties.

These are the fourth combat deaths of US servicemembers caused this week by Donald John Trump, in three separate countries with two Army Rangers killed in Afghanistan battling the Islamic State, and another soldier was killed by an “explosive device” near Mosul, Iraq.

The objective of the mission was to kill or capture militants from the al Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group who has previously conducted assaults against Somali and American targets.

Pentagon spokesman said the disaster began when American helicopters ferried the Somali and special operations forces to a site near a compound housing the militants in Somalia, when they were attacked soon after leaving the aircraft.

The Americans were on what the Pentagon calls an “advise and assist” mission, meaning they hold back near the intended target to allow local forces to proceed, only it didn’t end there, the troops advising ended up getting caught up in the battle.

The incident comes just weeks after the Trump administration designated parts of Somalia an “area of active hostilities,” making it easier for US commanders to kill those associated with Al Qaeda, or who they THINK is Al Qaeda without White House approval.

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