Video report of military commander with the News Front team Katerina Katina

Trudovsky city, this evening was rather tense, there were arrivals of shells of the Ukrainian army, according to civilians, several mortar rounds were fired at the village, there was a number of structures damaged without human casualties, said military correspondent Katerina Katina.

“You will note the damages to the roof of the structure, these are real fascists, the people who caused this damage.” a village resident declares in the video report.

“The round came from that direction and hit our house. The door was jammed and we could not escape. We called the ministry of emergency response, who came to our rescue”, noted the resident of Trudovsky.

“The projectile flew from there, was at home, the door jammed could not open, had to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations, came broke, helped to get out,” – noted the resident of the village Trudovsky.

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