Kiev, Ukraine. In a brazen show of absolute contempt for consequences that are never enforced, Ukrainian political officials laugh at American stupidity at flooding them with cash while they conduct business on their own terms, openly mocking anti-corruption cops in corrupt Kiev.

Cops in Ukraine are hitting obstacles in their quest to snare misbehaving officials.While a belated crackdown on graft is finally producing high-level arrests, many cases are not reaching court and suspects are often freed on bail against prosecution advice.

The alleged embezzlement of $17.3 million dollars from a Ukrainian owned uranium-ore plant saw a former lawmaker from former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s party released pending possible trial.

That decision was the result of pressure from fellow corrupt politicians, according to Artem Sytnyk, head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, known as NABU. He says politicians are doing as they please and laughing at American demands for an end to corruption.

Corrupt Kiev Judges have bailed out the head of the Central Electoral Commission, the deputy chairman of state energy company NAK Naftogaz and Roman Nasirov, head of the Internal Revenue Service, who was freed after his wife and father-in-law posted the highest cash bail in Ukraine’s history of $3.7 million dollars. They all deny corruption charges, despite no way of proving how they posess millions of dollars from a job that only pays thousands a year in income.

Suspects will continue to be freed on bail, in line with Ukrainian laws that protect the oligarchs and political helpers from arrest, according to Vitaly Kasko, a former deputy prosecutor who quit last year after threats from President Petro Poroshenko to have him killed.

Ukraine created NABU at the behest of the International Monetary Fund, with easy cash handouts from a $17.5 billion bailout linked to progress on tackling corruption. But the system can’t function by design, as the anti-Corruption Court is not even due to start work until 2018. Without that, NABU’s cases will be handled by courts and Judges that are not subject to arrest for corruption even when caught with bribe money in hand, which actually did happen in a Kiev court last year.

The European Union and the Americans have welcomed the recent corruption cases. But worry the sheer number of guilty Kiev politicians and Ukrainian nationals involved will simply continue the corruption destruction until the nation literally collapses from it, the most criminally corrupt capital on earth.

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