Berlin, Germany. In a move Donald Trump could only envy, German leader Angela Merkel has done a complete 360 degree U-turn and changed her position on post Brexit relations with the United Kingdom.

The German leader called on Friday for fair and constructive negotiations with Britain over its exit from the European Union, with the aim of retaining a good partnership, despite having done all in her power to cripple, stomp and smash Britain in the brexit negotiations thus far.

“We will of course need, and want to have Britain as a good partner in the future,” and Merkel then added that the Brexit negotiations would be “extremely complex and intense,” according to the German leader.

The comments come just days after the German leader warned Britons not to delude themselves over a future relationship with the bloc in a major speech to German politicians. Speaking to the Bundestag, Ms Merkel said Brexit talks will put a strain on Britain and Europe.

Merkel also claimed it would be important nonetheless to have good ties with Britain on economic, security and defence policy. To loud applause, she said: “We can only do an agreement on the future relationship with Britain when all questions about its exit have been cleared up satisfactorily,” she concluded.

The changes in Merkel’s position astounded European political observers who had seen her recent attempts to force the UK into staying in the European Union as borderline aggressive. Her new tone of accomodation remains to see if it prevails in long term EU policy.

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