Sweden needs more police officers to be hired to enhance crime clearance rates, Swedish Police Union (Polisforbundet) said in a statement on Friday, adding that changes within the police organization also affected quality of police work.

The Police Union conducted a poll among its member and revealed that some 39 percent of the police officers believed that a lack of investigation staff negatively effected the crime clearance rate, while 13 percent of those surveyed blamed a lack of employees to carry out arrests. The poll also showed that one third of the police staff considered at least half of their administrative work to be unnecessary.

“They lack officers to investigate all crimes. Talented police officers are quitting these days because they get better conditions within other fields,” the union’s spokesperson Lena Nitz said in a statement, as quoted by media outlet The Local.

According to the union, many police officers were leaving their job prematurely due to difficult working conditions and low salaries.

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