Brussels, Belgium. In recent regards the PM of Belgium has come out with remarks indicating the EU wants the Brexit divorce to be one of extreme expense to Britain and its voters who must deal with an abusive ex husband who makes demands, forgetting the ex wife actually has nuclear missiles in her closet.

The English hold expectations in its divorce proceedings from the European Union that are “not realistic,” Belgian prime minister Charles Michel has said.

The PM has sent a clear warning that Britain will not escape a hefty bill for its momentous decision that has shaken the bloc, again showing that being in the EU is every bit an abusive marriage for member states, as Hungary’s Viktor Orban knows from recent spousal abuse upon Budapest by Brussels.

EU official Michel said, in an interview with reporters, that “those who think in Britain they can push the Brexit button and not have a bill to pay are seriously mistaken.” Statements like these, are yet again evidence of a EU collective attitude of hate for anyone who does not share their views or live life the way Brussels sees fit to dictate.

European officials suggest the UK must come up with an estimates ranging from 20 billion to 60 billion euro to buy their freedom from the EU. The Financial Times upped the figure to as much as 100 billion euro, a figure Britain has flatly rejected.

“In Britain ever more, they will realise that Brexit, well, has consequences – economic, commercial, partnerships,” Mr Michel said, continuing to menace-“Perhaps during the referendum the impression was given that once the Brexit button was pushed everything would take care of itself easily.

“Well, that is not true. When you push that Brexit button, there are consequences, there is a bill to pay.” The EU minister added, with an evil grin.

He then doubled down on attacking England saying it was not up to Prime Minister Theresa May to have any say in the negotiations as the EU will tell the British what to do and they will have to like it. She has been seeking parallel talks on unwinding EU membership while negotiating a future relationship and trade deal.

“That’s not realistic,” Mr Michel said. “We are splitting, like a divorce. You need to address the material issues, financial, who gets the kids, transitional measures.”

Under the EU blueprint, negotiations would first center on finding a deal for citizens living and working in each other’s nations, settle Britain’s debt for the Brexit demanded by the EU and then if Scotland and Ireland can automatically be brought into the EU without national referendums.

EU council president Donald Tusk said this could come as soon as autumn, but Mr Michel said that was an extremely tight deadline for the EU to maintain for dealing with an “ex spouse” as he called Britain.

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