Miami, Florida. A Florida university will give a degree to a dead man in aviation studies who never flew a plane once in his life. The latest move to “honor” a dead black American who died under suspicous circumstances, allegedly attacking a man, reinforces to many the non sense of liberal America and its worthless gestures.

Florida Memorial University will award a posthumous degree to Trayvon Martin, five years after the black teen was shot dead by a neighbourhood watchman the teen attacked.

The teen’s parents will accept a degree in aeronautical science on his behalf. The university said it wants to honor the 17-year-old’s ambition to become a pilot before he died in 2012. His death prompted nationwide protests and a fierce debate about race relations in the US, resulting in absolutely nothing changing, and in fact race relations only getting worse, despite worthless “feel good” liberal propaganda in the US main stream media.

Conservative commentators point out the degree is useless and given to a dead man who can never use it. They question why the school does not simply award the degree to any random person of color and let them go fly an aircraft without attending the university, since essentially this is what Florida memorial is doing with the idiotic gesture.

The unarmed black teenager was walking home from a shop in Sanford, Florida, when he got into an altercation with George Zimmerman, a white neighborhood watch volunteer. Mr Zimmerman, 29, who argued he acted in self-defence and with justifiable use of deadly force.

A jury acquitted Mr Zimmerman of second-degree murder in 2013. Following the verdict, protests erupted in cities across the US including Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington and Atlanta which accomplished absolutely nothing and changed nothing in American race relations.

Instead of giving out worthless paper for a person’s dead son, the school could have educated a black student for free, or named a scholarship in Martin’s name. But the liberal establishment love of worthless, useless acts to honor the ultimate loss of a person continues endlessly in prison nation USA.

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