Washington, DC. The US Congress has assured that hundreds of millions of dollars will continue to free flow to Kiev without interuption courtesy of corrupt US Senators and congresspersons, many bought and owned by the Ukrainian congressional caucus.

The consolidated bill on US budget appropriations for the 2017 fiscal year, presented in Congress, envisages an allocation of at least $560 million dollars to support Ukraine, as stated on the draft Appropriation Act published on the official US Congress site, confirming the sheer level of corruption accomplished by Poroshenko agents operating inside the United States.

“Of the funds appropriated by this Act under titles III and IV, not less than $410 million must be available for aid for Ukraine,” paragraph 7046 of the bill states.

Furthermore, paragraph 9014 indicates that from the US budget, $150 million will be allocated in the context of “aid initiatives for Ukraine in the area of security.” These moneys will be used to buy lethal weapons to kill Donbass residents by the US puppet regime in Kiev.

At the same time, the legislative act condemns “Russia’s aggression” against Ukraine and its attempt to annex the Crimean peninsula. In particular, with respect to budget appropriations, the bill prohibits the allocation of any funds “for the implementation of any actions or policies which recognize Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea”.

Furthermore, the possibility of allocating funds to Crimea is excluded, if the interests of Russian financial institutions or official representatives of the Russian government are involved.

The US budget for the 2017 fiscal year (which ends on September 30) has not yet been reviewed and has not been finally confirmed. After voting in both Houses of Congress, the document which will achieve legal status must be ratified by the US president, so American taxpayers can only pray Trump blocks the waste of American money on a corrupt government, killing it’s own citizens in an ongoing genocide.

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